Linden’s Prairie

The Robert J. Trulaske, Jr. Family Foundation funded a portion of the acquisition cost for the Linden's Prairie land through a grant to the Missouri Prairie Foundation.

Conservationists agree that Tallgrass Prairie is among the most endangered types of habitat on earth. Today less than 1% of the original Tallgrass Prairies remains. It has primarily been destroyed by plowing. As mentioned on the Missouri Prairie Foundation website; historically, prairies were heavily grazed by bison, elk, deer and rabbits which strengthened the soil health. Prairie dogs aerated and hydrated the soil by building tunnels underground.

Tallgrass Prairies that have never been plowed, also known as "Old-growth grasslands" are extremely biodiverse. This type of ecosystem encompasses animals, plants and microorganisms which can't be replicated on disturbed soil. Prairie grass roots run several feet into the ground, making them a reliable source of carbon sequestration.

An excellent resource on Missouri Grasslands is the Missouri Prairie Journal


photos by R. S. Kinerson