photo by Noppadol Paothong

Natural Resource Conservation

Robert J. Trulaske, Jr.'s appreciation of the outdoors inspired this funding program.

Natural Resource Conservation is defined by actions that serve to protect, improve, or expand biodiversity, species habitat, and/or natural ecosystems. Priorities include activities that enhance, expand, or protect ecological function, biological diversity, and/or quality wildlife habitat.

Over the years the Foundation has supported numerous projects that conserve, restore, or manage terrestrial, riparian, wetland, and aquatic natural resources, including those located in or near the Mississippi, Missouri, and Meramec River Watersheds. The Foundation takes an interest in efforts which benefit Missouri’s Natural Heritage and imperiled remnant prairies, including supporting habitat for grassland and other birds, as well as endangered, threatened, or species of special concern. Examples of potential eligible project costs and previously supported projects include those necessary for land acquisitions, restoration and establishment of native species, removal of invasive species, land management and volunteer stewardship, and certain capital projects (e.g., creation of nursery seed stock and fencing).

Examples of Potential Eligible Costs

  • Land acquisition/conservation easement acquisition
  • Invasive species removal and treatment (excluding the cost of herbicides)
  • Natural material (e.g., soil, mulch, seeds, plants, shrubs, trees) for use in planting or distribution
  • Repair and restoration of swales
  • Prescribed fire management
  • Erosion and stream sediment control
  • Seeding for diversity and ecological quality
  • Planting equipment, tools, and services
  • Fencing to protect species or natural areas
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Outreach and event coordination on the grounds of the project
  • Assessment and measurement of biodiversity
  • Recruitment, training, and communication among natural resource stewards
  • Stewardship and watering services
  • Interpretive signage

Other Previously Supported Projects


St. Louis Metropolitan Area (Missouri only)

  • Missouri River Forest Recovery (Grantee: Forest ReLeaf of Missouri)
  • Expansion of Community Tree Nursery (Grantee: Forest ReLeaf of Missouri)
  • Ruth Park Woods Restoration (Grantee: The Green Center)
  • Ecological Restoration & Land Management Equipment (Grantee: Shaw Nature Reserve)
  • Gravois Greenway Wetland Restoration | Grant’s Trail (Grantee: Great Rivers Greenway )
  • Meramec Greenway Ecological Restoration (Grantee: Great Rivers Greenway) 
  • Operation Wild Lands, Operation Clean Stream, and Willow Staking (Grantee: Open Space Council - St. Louis)
  • Missouri River and Mississippi fly-way Clean-Up Activities, Related Equipment (Grantee: Missouri River Relief)
  • LaBarque Creek Restoration (Grantee: The College School)
  • Barn Owl Release Program (Grantee: World Bird Sanctuary)
  • Bio-retention Pond with Native Plantings (Grantee: John Burroughs School)

Rural Missouri 

  • Conservation Easements and Tree Plantings along the Huzzah and Courtois Creek (Grantee: Ozark Land Trust)
  • Current River Watershed Restoration and Conservation Easements (Grantee: Ozark Land Trust)
  • Conservation Buyer Fund in the Ozark Forest and Current River Watershed (Grantee: Nature Conservancy of Missouri)
  • Prairie Acquisition and Protection (Grantee: Missouri Prairie Foundation)
  • Grassland Restoration (Grantees: Missouri Prairie Foundation and the Nature Conservancy of Missouri)
  • Roadside Pollinator Project - Prairie Plantings (Grantee: Saint Louis Zoo)

Leelanau County, Michigan

  • Glen Lake Boat Wash Matching Grant (Grantee: Glen Lake Association)
  • Conservation Easements and Palmer Woods Acquisition (Grantee: Leelanau Conservancy)