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Mission & Values

Our Mission

In all our work, the Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance natural resources and to promote equity by elevating environmental justice.

The Robert J. Trulaske, Jr. Family Foundation is dedicated to protecting the natural environment for generations to come through conservation, preservation, management and restoration of natural resources and open spaces. The Foundation seeks to preserve what is beautiful in our cultural heritage, particularly buildings in the City of St. Louis. Additionally, it will support St. Louis Life, a residential life care organization, for the benefit of its residents, their families and the larger community.

Our Values

The Foundation will be a leader in supporting environmental conservation, protection, management and restoration, within the State of Missouri. It will focus its financial, human and intellectual resources on identifying and funding “best in class” organizations and evidence-based projects, both proven and pilot, to fulfill its mission. It will work to forge coalitions of funders, organizations, governmental bodies and individuals to work together for collaborative and collective environmental impact.

Additionally, the Foundation will demonstrate a commitment to environmental justice, climate justice and ecological justice by supporting conservation, protection, management and restoration of urban green spaces in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. Mindful of the need to be guided by local community voices, the Foundation will prioritize efforts that engage and partner with St. Louis nonprofit organizations, neighborhood groups and government bodies, that are focused on addressing racial and socio-economic disparities present in St. Louis.

The Foundation will use its influence to foster effective community-led collaboration and promote diversity, equity and inclusion, to enhance the well-being of people and the ecological integrity of urban ecosystems. The Foundation will successfully curate environmental, climate and ecological justice efforts that benefit people of color and individuals living in low-income communities in St. Louis.